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Probate & Estate Attorney Services:

When one passes away their is legal process involved to claim their assets. If the person left a will their heirs will have to go through a  legal process known as probate. If a person did not leave a will the people who think they are the rightful heirs will have to go through an even more complicated legal process knows as estate administration. Either way, an heir or potential heir will need to deal with the local surrogate court in-order to start the process to claim any asset

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Planning Your Estate For A Better Tomorrow

There are a lot of questions one must answer about the future of their estate and their own future. These include where their assets will go, how will they be taxed, what is their long-term health care and living plans and much more. Only a qualified legal representative can help you pave the way to a healthy and secure future for you and your family.

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Estate Planning Tips For Bellerose Residents

Many experienced attorneys share a common frustration. That is the inability to understand why so many people do not set up even a bare minimum estate plan. Without even a last will, the state will decide how to disburse your estate at the time of your death. None of your plans will be followed and the judge overseeing the distribution will simply distribute your estate according to the state laws. The concerns of your family will not be factored in. Everything is black and white.

In most states, a percentage of your estate go directly to you children even if your spouse is still alive. In certain states, 1?3 of your estate goes to your spouse whereas the remaining 2?3 are split evenly among your children. If you don’t do estate planning, it will be up to state legislature to make your decisions for you.

Estate planning is something you can’t afford to procrastinate on. You can’t postpone it till some

urgent need comes. The only good reason to put off estate planning is when you own nothing of value and have no estate. There is no other reason.

Here are other common excuses people give to put off estate planning and answers to them.

I can do it when I’m older:

Keep in mind that accidents and sickness can strike at any time. People of all ages die in various ways everyday. While the odds may be in your favor but the possibility remains. Don’t wait until its too late.

I don’t have enough time:

If done with a competent lawyer, you shouldn’t consume more than a day preparing this. If you prepare properly, you can even complete everything in a few hours.

What if I end up divorced or change my mind about something?

Wills and revocable living trusts are flexible and can always be amended or revoked.

Talking about death makes me uneasy:

If you think about it, having a plan in the event of your death should make things easier for your

and remove a lot of stress.

I can’t afford it:

Unless you have a substantially large estate and work with a high profile Bellerose estate lawyer, you won’t need to spend too much money on your plan. Most wills are cheap and many lawyers offer complete living trust packages for around $500. Just keep note of what is included in your fee.

 I don’t have a lawyer: By checking your phone book or the internet, you are sure to find several lawyers in your area that will be happy to help with this. Make sure you get prices upfront while asking around for help regarding this. So unless you have absolute faith in your government to disburse your estate among your heirs properly, it would be a good idea to start working on your estate plan. The benefits are too big to ignore and nobody ever regrets making an estate plan. You need to do it today. Tomorrow might be too late.

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