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  • Estate Planning: From Wills To Trusts, We Are Here To Help You Plan The Correct Future For You.

  • Elder Law: Plan Your Healthcare For The Long Run With Our Elder Law Experts & Protect Your Home Irrevocable Trusts.

  • Probate Law: Probate And/Or Estate Administation Is A Tedious Legal Maze Involving Your Local Surrogate Court; Let Us Help.

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  • Estate Planning: From Wills To Trusts, We Are Here To Help You Plan The Correct Future For You.

  • Elder Law: Plan Your Healthcare For The Long Run With Our Elder Law Experts & Protect Your Home Irrevocable Trusts.

  • Probate Law: Probate And/Or Estate Administation Is A Tedious Legal Maze Involving Your Local Surrogate Court; Let Us Help.

10.0Roman Aminov
Roman AminovReviewsout of 56 reviews

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Estate Planning, Wills & Probate Attorney

Lost a loved one? We can help you navigate the legal process known as probate or estate administration. Transferring assets from someone who passed away can be a very daunting task. The Law Offices of Roman Aminov is here to help you every step of the way from the court room to the collection of assets to the distribution.

Probate: If the decedent passed away leaving a will, the will has to be presented for probate in the Queens Surrogate’s Court (For Probate) or a similar court in the the county in which they lived. The will names an executor to administer the estate, and an estate attorney assists the executor in filing a petition to the court and going through the probate process.

Estate Administration: If the decedent did not leave a will, the next of kin can file a petition for estate administration in the Queens Surrogate’s Court. An estate administration lawyer from our office can assist in this daunting task.

Speak to a Queens probate attorney today for a free phone consultation at 347-766-2685.

Estate Planning & Elder Law For Queens Residents:

 It is vital for every person, especially individuals with families, to know what is going to happen to their assets after their eventual passing. It is just as important to avoid any unnecessary fees and estate taxes. A free consultation with an estate planning attorney to review your current financial, familial, and health situation is the first step towards gaining clarity in understanding who will watch over your minor children, how you will be buried, and how your assets will be distributed after your passing. At The Law Offices Of Roman Aminov we work together with you and your advisers (financial, tax, etc) to analyze your current situation. We then develop a custom tailored and comprehensive estate plan which may include a last will and testament, a durable power of attorney, a health care proxy, testamentary trusts, a living trust, an irrevocable trust, and other transfer techniques designed to effectuate your wishes while saving estate taxes. We also look at your health care situation and advise you if an a Medicaid Asset Protection Trust is right for you. These long term elder law related issues are critical to planning for your golden years. We professionally and diligently execute the proper documents and advise you on how to notify executors, trustees, and potential legal guardians.

 Speak to a Estate Planning lawyer in Queens today for a free phone consultation at 347-766-2685.

Tips For Selecting a Queens Probate Attorney:

1. Find an attorney who will listen to your unique problem or concern.
2. Determine that the lawyer has experience in dealing with the Queens Surrogates courts.
3. Read reviews past clients have left for the lawyer.
4. Find out how lawyer charges i.e. hourly, flat, or on a contingency basis.
5. Make sure that there is a good level of trust between you and the estate attorney.

Benefits of Hiring The Law Offices Of Roman Aminov:

1. Provide peace of mind for your loved ones.
2. Plan for incapacity.
3. Save legal fees, taxes, and court fees by using a qualified Estate Planning Lawyer in Queens
4. Appoint guardians for minor children.
5. Give your assets to who you want to have them; not to whomever the state decides under intestacy

What Happens If A Parent Did Not Leave A Will?

If your mother or father passed away the spouse will be the automatic heir of all the assets. In the event that the spouse is not living the children will split the anticancer equally. In the event one of the children is deceased then their children would inherit that allotted portion. In a situation like this, many legal intricacies can arise and a Queens estate lawyer should be contacted

What Is The Cost Of Probating An Estate In Queens?

One should not put themselves in a situation where they would need to embark into the probate process in order to claim and estate. The process is tedious and costly and can be avoided by simply assigning a living trust for the estate. In the event it’s too late you can contact our office and help you understand what a probate proceeding entails and what the different costs can potentially be. The costs will vary from case to case.

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Estate Planning & Will Package
Average rating:  
 12 reviews
by Alterra Sagi on Estate Planning & Will Package
Will, Power of Attorney, Health care proxy, Death Consignment

I called Roman Amino with questions regarding all of the above in my title. Mr Amino took the time to explain all my options and email me information. His staff was very courteous and professional. At the time of signing all my documents, Mr Aminov had no problems reading through each line with me and carefully explaining what everything meant and entailed. In a world where everyone is always in such a rush, I can appreciate how Mr Aminov took his time learning about my needs and fulfilling them so that I may have peace of mind. I have the highest opinion of Roman Amino and his ability to do his job in such an excellent manner.

by Debbie Rose on Estate Planning & Will Package
Maybe The Best Estate Plan in Queens, NY

My experience with Roman Aminov and his firm was AMAZING. My Father passed away in October and I needed Letters of Administration. I went to the court myself and all the paperwork they handed me was a little overwhelming. I contacted Roman and met with him SAME DAY, around 6:30pm. With speed and efficiency I spoke with his assistant, Sarah numerous times throughout the week to make sure everything was in. A week later my paper work was ready to be sent. I was warned that it could take between 2 to 3 months. A little over a month later...I have my letters in hand. AMAZING! Best decision I made was to contact Roman Aminov!

by Sharda Jacobs on Estate Planning & Will Package
Honest Estate Law Offering

Going thru this process seemed daunting at first. Not knowing what to expect or how to go about it. Mr. Aminov and his staff were professional, courteous and hospitable. I would highly recommend Mr. Aminov and his services. He was always quick to respond to my calls and emails and was always available to answer any questions or concerns we had. Use him. You won't be sorry.

by Suni Richards on Estate Planning & Will Package
Exceptional estate lawyer

Have you ever had to sell a home previously own by a now deceased relative while maintaining the relationships between family members who are also beneficiaries? I didn’t realize just how stressful that could be before taking on the responsibility of being the executor of my mother’s estate.

This is why I am thankful for and to The Law Offices of Roman Aminov. His patience and professionalism, understanding and kindness and even constructive refocusing were exactly what I needed to get through the probate process and the sale of my mother’s property. He was considerate of my needs and took, what I felt, was great personal care in my well being, both emotional and financial.

I had a very pleasant experience and I owe that to Roman and his team. I would recommend The Law Offices of Roman Aminov ten times over.

by Barbara Levine on Estate Planning & Will Package
Amazing Estate Planning & Will Product

My experience with Roman Aminov was excellent. He helped me organize my aunt's estate at a very difficult time and brought my family successfully through the probate process. He was VERY responsive to my questions and he always kept me aware of the status and progress of my case.

by Kat Lering on Estate Planning & Will Package
Great Price For A Great Estate Plannning Product

Roman was hired after my initial attorney failed to produce fairly simple estate related petition. He was, from beginning to end, responsive and always available to answer all questions I had about the process. He was also very patient when I was getting worried that the process was taking longer than I expected. He clearly explained that the process takes couple of months to be completed.

In addition, his fees, while not the cheapest, was very reasonable for the services he provided. I was very pleased with his initial work and hired him to do additional work as I write this review.

by Kim Rogers on Estate Planning & Will Package
Proper Estate Planning

Mr. Aminov walked me and my spouse through a complete estate plan while explaining all of our options in the process. He genuinely cared about us and kept us informed and involved in the process. I am grateful for his assistance and am extremely impressed with the high level of knowledge he has in the field as well as his ability to convey that knowledge to us in caring manner. Thank you for all your help!

by Stacy Lenners on Estate Planning & Will Package
Estate Planning Product I have been looking for

Roman handled preparing a will, revocable trust, power of attorney, health care proxy and disposition of remains for me .(should my health care proxy wishes fail). He is concerned and considerate and takes the time to explain and make suggestions to best handle and provide for his clients. My love and thanks to him.

by Fabian Jonson on Estate Planning & Will Package
Legal Services That Are Worth The Money

I was recommended to Roman from a close friend of mine to complete my will. Myself and my wife are very selective when choosing professionals to deal with because we want to choose someone who has passion for what they do, trustworthy and is well versed in their field. . I can tell you that when choosing a lawyer- Roman was the right choice for us.
Fabian and AnnMarie

by Sam Ploni on Estate Planning & Will Package
Great Estate Planning offering With A Great Person

There’s only one word that defines Roman Aminov as a professional and a human being – excellence. He is a brilliant, highly knowledgeable and professional estate attorney–at-law with a golden heart. He specializes in Elder Care issues and we came to see him to elaborate such important to us documents as wills, Powers of Attorney and Health Care POAs. We couldn’t have made a better choice! Mr. Aminov was with us every step of the process, patiently listening and explaining to us every issue of our concern, working with us in an invariably relaxed and stress free environment. There has never been a moment of tension or rush, and at all times we’ve been getting from him completely undivided attention. Mr. Aminov and his equally caring and competent staff would be always available for whatever questions that would arise during this exercise. Our emails and phone calls were promptly answered without delays and Mr. Aminov’ advices proved to be invaluable and to the point. Our experience with Roman (as we ended up addressing him since he quickly became much more than an attorney - our trusted friend) was highly satisfactory and we whole-heartedly recommend his services to anyone seeking up-to-date and highly professional help in this field. We keep him in high esteem and respect and it’s imperative to acknowledge that he shows genuine concern/care about his clients making it, rather than pure financial considerations, his main priority. We’re profoundly grateful to you, Roman, for your truly professional and at the same time friendly and caring attitude and for giving us much needed peace of mind at this stage of our life. From the bottom of our hearts we wish you and your loved ones only the best for now and always.

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