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Why You Need an Estate Plan for Your Pet

Jul 24, 2019
According to the ASPCA, 1.5 million animals are euthanized in the United States each year.  That’s why it’s so impo ...
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How Can I Locate the Assets of a Loved One i...

Sep 13, 2018
A frequent request I receive when working with a client on a probate or administration matter is to help them locate all of the assets in the estate. They want to make sure they collect all of the acc ...
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Four Tips to Saving Money on Estate Planning

Sep 04, 2018
Making the decision to finally sit down with an estate planning attorney to discuss your wishes can be a daunting prospect. Concerns about cost should not address stress to the process. In this articl ...
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Do You Qualify for Medicaid In New York?

Jul 22, 2018
When a client asks me if they can qualify for Medicaid in New York, I ask about their assets, income, living situation, and health. Some clients they may be able to qualify rather easily. Others may n ...
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Estate Taxes: Will Your Estate Be Taxed At D...

Jul 22, 2018
As the saying goes, “nothing is certain but death and taxes.” In the context of estate planning, this reality drives the estate planner’s desire to minimize taxes upon death as much as possible. In fa ...
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Costs Of Estate Planning in New York

Jun 25, 2018
Costs of Estate Planning While estate planning is one of the most significant things you can do to safeguard your loved ones after you pass on as well as to ensure your care in case of incapacity, it ...
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Four Questions Estate Planning Lawyers Ask W...

Jun 12, 2018
When drafting a will for a client, it is important that an estate planning attorney remember that we are doing more than putting together a legal document – we are also offering peace of mind. With th ...
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Funding Your Living Trust

Dec 25, 2017
Imagine buying a beautiful new family car, taking it home, and leaving it parked in your garage. Then, instead of using your shiny new vehicle to transport your family, you use public transportation t ...
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Estate Planning for Young Families

Jul 07, 2016
Young people, including the author, tend to think they are invincible. They don’t plan on getting sick or even worse, dying. Why, then, do they need an estate plan? For the same reason that older peop ...
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Should I Deed My Home to My Children?

Mar 30, 2016
I often receive phone calls from potential clients asking whether, as an estate planning and elder attorney, I recommend that they add their children as co-owners to the deed of their house, co-op, or ...
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Do You Need A New Power of Attorney?

Jul 06, 2015
As we had discussed in a prior article, a statutory short form durable power of attorney (“POA”) is an important document which every New Yorker should consider. To recap, a POA allows any agents you ...
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Effects of a Divorce on Estate Planning

Jan 01, 2015
In addition to the emotional and financial ramifications of a divorce, there are important estate planning implications for clients contemplating divorce or separation. Along with selling, dividing, a ...
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