Benefits of Revocable Living Trusts Under NY State Law

A revocable trust is a type of living trust (A living trust is set up during the donor’s lifetime) that can be amended or revoked by the donor during their life. This is distinguishable from testamentary trusts which are created under the donor’s Last Will and Testament and only effective upon the donor’s death, and […]

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NY Gestational Surrogacy: What It Means for Wills and Estate Planning

There are many ways to start a family.  On February 16, 2021, New York State made it easier for New Yorkers to utilize the option of gestational surrogacy to conceive a child by legalizing compensated gestational surrogacy within the Child-Parent Security Act (the “CPSA”).  The CPSA gives New York one of the most comprehensive sets […]

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Putting An LLC In A Trust

Do you own a business or an investment real property in a Limited Liability Company, also known as an LLC? You may have completed an estate plan to protect your property and provide for your family’s future, but have you considered your LLC as part of your plan? By transferring your LLC into a trust, […]

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Proper Execution Of A Will In NY

A Last Will and Testament is a formal document that must meet certain requirements to be deemed valid. Estates Powers and Trusts Law 3-2.1 is the statute which governs will executions in New York.  This list of requirements includes the proper execution of the Will.  Will execution is the process by which the will is […]

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Post Deceased Beneficiary Laws in NY Explained

Let suppose that after you pass away, your leave your assets to a beneficiary who then passes away soon thereafter. What happens to those assets you leave them? Sometimes, a beneficiary will survive a testator but not long enough for the decedent’s estate to be probated and distributed. In these cases, the beneficiary is called […]

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Article 17A Guardianships Under NY State Law

In New York State when a minor reaches the age of 18, they have the legal right to make their own decisions.  Their parents no longer have the authority to make decisions about their health or property.  While this may seem obvious and logical to most, for those parents of disabled young people, a child’s […]

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Updating Estate Planning Documents When Moving to New York

Moving to a new state can bring about a range of changes, including the need to review and update important legal documents. If you've recently relocated to New York from another state, it's essential to assess your estate planning documents to ensure they align with the laws and requirements of your new home. This article […]

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What Happens When Your Beneficiary Dies After You

When someone dies, they are referred to as the decedent and those named in their will or trust are their beneficiaries.  If the decedent died without a will (or what is called intestate) then those who will inherit from them are called their distributees.  If a beneficiary (or a distributee) dies before the decedent, then […]

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Special Needs Planning For A Disabled Child

If you are a parent or caregiver of a child with special needs, you may have many questions and concerns about how to plan for your child's future. Whether your child has a developmental disability, a medical condition, or a learning disability, you likely want to make sure that they have the best possible care […]

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Joint Wills for Married Couples & Why You Don’t Want Them

When a married couple prepares an estate plan, they have the option of creating a joint will.  A joint will is a legal document that outlines the wishes of both spouses for the distribution of assets upon their death.  While joint wills may seem like an appealing low-cost option, there are several reasons why a married couple may […]

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