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New York Small Estates and Voluntary Adminis...

Apr 08, 2020
When a person passes away leaving assets in their own name, their heirs generally have to go through probate or an administration proceeding to transfer those assets. Sometimes, however, the value of ...
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3 Estate Planning Steps for New Parents

May 14, 2017
Few joys in life match that of being a new parent. The moment your child is born, a tectonic shift takes place which makes even the most easygoing person lose sleep over their child’s future. Th ...
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Estate Planning for Young Families

Jul 07, 2016
Young people, including the author, tend to think they are invincible. They don’t plan on getting sick or even worse, dying. Why, then, do they need an estate plan? For the same reason that older peop ...
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Removing 805 Bond Restrictions in Brooklyn S...

Jun 17, 2016
As an Estate Lawyer, I often get phone calls from clients who have successfully obtained letters of administration for the estate of a loved one, but can’t sell the real property or even transfer it t ...
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Medicaid Planning for Parents in New York

May 02, 2016
As parents get older, children begin to take on the role of caretaker and assist their parents in making various medical and financial decisions. In fact, I receive more phone calls from children of s ...
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Should I Deed My Home to My Children?

Mar 30, 2016
I often receive phone calls from potential clients asking whether, as an estate planning and elder attorney, I recommend that they add their children as co-owners to the deed of their house, co-op, or ...
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Ethical Wills: A Legacy With Love

Jan 18, 2016
My dream to build an estate planning practice was born early in my law school career. My first trusts and estates class introduced me to a legal world where the most important and sensitive parts of o ...
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Where Should I Keep My Will

Dec 17, 2015
So you’ve done the responsible thing. You’ve prepared a last will to protect your family when you die. Great – now where do you keep it? For starters, somewhere your loved ones can find it. But which ...
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What Are My Rights as a Surviving Spouse?

Sep 21, 2015
I received a frantic call earlier this year from a woman with two young children whose husband passed away a few months prior without leaving a will. Although she had been appointed administrator of h ...
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Do You Need A New Power of Attorney?

Jul 06, 2015
As we had discussed in a prior article, a statutory short form durable power of attorney (“POA”) is an important document which every New Yorker should consider. To recap, a POA allows any agents you ...
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Medicaid’s Five Year Look-Back Period

Jun 16, 2015
Anyone who has researched Medicaid planning has almost certainly heard of Medicaid’s dreaded five year look-back rule. I am not exactly sure why out of all the idiosyncrasies of New York’s Medicaid la ...
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Opening a Safe Deposit Box After Death in NY

Apr 17, 2015
I often receive phone calls from clients who had recently lost a loved one and, among other things, are confused about how to access the decedent’s safe deposit box. A common concern is that the loved ...
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