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Estate planning is a way to protect your family and your control your future. Everyone needs to take out some time and sit with a professional to discuss what will happen to their wealth as they age and eventually pass away. Families who do not take this type of planning seriously can often end up in turmoil and in legal battles. Our firm will help you understand your needs and lay out all your options regarding a will, long term healthcare and everything else that happens after that. If you want to sit with an estate planning lawyer in Far Rockaway give us a call today and set up a consultation.

Protection from abusive or neglectful conditions

Probate is the legal process one has to go through after the death of a loved one. This can often be a tedious process that involves a lot of time at local government offices. It is much easier to let your attorney handle all probate issues after death. This is all applies when your loved one left a will. If they did not leave a will your right to claim any assets will fall under a process called “Estate Administration”. Depending on where you live the laws of inheritance without a will change. Generally speaking, a spouse will inherit the deceased person but there is a lot of other legal intricacies involved. If you need to speak to a Far Rockaway probate lawyer in the 11691 area call our office today and schedule a consultation.

Financial planning assistance

The Law Offices Of Roman Aminov has years of experience dealing with all the different types of elder law issues. If you need help appointing a legal trust that will handle your assets in the time of need we can help. If you want to write a will we can walk you through all your options. If you are worried about your long term healthcare we are the right people to speak to. Whether you want to protect yourself with private or government funded long term nursing or healthcare we can help. If you are receiving medicaid and are concerned about your assets we are the attorneys to speak to. Planning a healthy and organized future will surely help you sleep easier at night. Call us today and schedule a consultation with our attorney.

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