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Estate Planning Is The Key To Family Tranquility

Peace of mind is extremely important nowadays and that’s why everyone out their should think about writing a will during their lifetime. Writing a will can save your family from a lot of hardship and aggravation in the future. When every part of your estate has a clear legal destination there is no room for arguments and turmoil. There is also no room for heated legal debates which can tear up a family. The Law Offices Of Roman Aminov has many years of experience helping residents in the Howard Beach area plan their estate and write a will that will match all of their needs. Call us today for an estate attorney consultation in Howard Beach around the 11414 area and schedule the meeting at a time that is convenient for you.

The Probate Process In Howard Beach: What Happens After Death

After a loved one passes away the assets that were distributed in a will have to be claimed. The legal process in which the parts of the estate is claimed is called “Probate”. It is very difficult to deal with the local surrogate courts so having an experienced probate attorney by your side will be the  key. As hard as it is to claim your funds when you have a will, it is even harder to claim assets when the loved one did not leave a will. That’s right, even a legal dependent like a spouse can have a great deal of legal problems in claiming the assets of their significant other. This process is actually knows as “Estate Administration” and should be turned over to a local attorney. The laws of where assets go when no will was left vary from state to state. Simple things like the car of the deceased will have a different default distribution from state to state. Call the Law Offices Of Roman Aminov today and schedule an appointment with a probate lawyer in the Howard Beach area today.

Elder Law & Medicaid Legal Services

As citizens of the United States get older they have to start thinking about their long term health care and nursing need. If a person has enough money to afford private health care they must make sure that their money is divided in a safe manner between their family and themselves. They must make sure their is enough funds to get them through the latter years of their life as many critical medical issues can arise. Those who cannot afford private healthcare services will have to turn to Medicaid. The laws of obtaining nursing and healthcare services from the government are quite complicated and a legal professional should be consulted. Furthermore, Medicaid is very strict about the assets and amount of liquid capital a person can posses if taking advantage of the service. If Medicaid were to find out about certain property or liquid assets you own that they never knew about they can seize your home. Call our elder law attorney today and plan your long term healthcare privately or through Medicaid. Our operators are standing by, schedule your consultation today.

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