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Plan Your Estate For A Better Tomorrow

Leaving your loved ones behind without a will will cause them a lot of hardship. In addition to the turmoil it can cause amongst family member the bureaucratic process of claiming assets without a will is also very difficult. At the Law Offices Of Roman Aminov we lay out all your options for you as they exist today and explain to you how every path will impact your future. Planning your estate involves many legal aspects that effect your property, liquid funds, taxes and more. If you need an estate lawyer in the Springfield, NY area pick up the phone and schedule a consultation today. We are very close to a 11413


Probate Versus Estate Administration: What You Need To Know

When someone passes away who left behind a will the funds must be claimed via a legal process known as probate. This process changes from state to state and generally an attorney will handle it. There are lots of complex laws that go along with claiming assets so it is vital to speak to a legal representative before attempting to obtain any funds. There are instances in which a person passes away and did not leave a will. The question of course becomes what happens to their home and their money? Who will inherit it? The answers to these questions also vary from state to state but as a general rule the closest family members will have priority. The law categorizes different types of valuables and provides a system in which they are distributed to the dependents of the deceased. If you need help in retrieving that which belongs to you according to the law call us today for a sit-down consultation.

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 Springfield Elder Law, Medicaid, Special Needs, Wills & Trusts

As residents in New York approach the later years of their life they start to worry about the security of their wealth as well as the security of their physical body. These 2 things go hand in hand in elder law and require careful legal considerations. We can help you plan your long term healthcare needs the right way. Whether you are looking to go down a private route or need aid from the government we will help you obtain the benefits you need. If you are of a low income status we will you obtain Medicaid and protect you from government  seizures that may happen with Medicaid. Medicaid is very strict in terms of the assets one is allowed to posses as they only want to pay people that have very low income. If you a own a house or any other property it is necessary to speak with a medicaid planning attorney before doing anything. The Law Offices Of Roman Aminov is standing by and waiting to help you secure your future with a will, trust, special needs or any other elder law related service. Call today and schedule your sit-down consultation.


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