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Some really interesting facts about the Meadows:

The Queens Civil courts are only a short walking distances from many parts of the Meadows. The Civil court is home to some of the most professional and talented Lawyer in Queens.

Here is a Fresh Meadows Google Legal & Courts map for the area. A useful tool to those who need it.

The Importance Of Elder Law

Elder law attorneys specialize on protecting the rights of senior citizens. This isn’t limited to cases of negligence or abuse. The scope of their services also includes planning for wills, estates, DNR paperwork, and power of attorney. At some point, it is highly recommended for seniors to consult attorneys to protect their rights in the future. The following are situations in which an attorney can greatly assist a senior:
Remedying neglect, abuse, or discrimination:
Quite often this is what people think about when it comes to seniors and elder law. Neglect in a nursing home, abuse from caregivers, or a refusal for housing because of age are among common reasons why elders seek litigation. A litigation attorney can represent their client in the courtroom, especially when it comes to financial scams or cases where family members or associates are attempting to coerce the client into handing over money or assets.
Probate and estate planning:
There are lawyers who specialize in assisting older clients with their wills: answering any questions about their will, giving them advice on how to best execute it, and distributing the assets accordingly. Ideally, it’s best to have a will prepared to ensure your heirs won’t fight for your assets after you’ve passed. A lawyer can help you with the paperwork involved to ensure your will is valid, legally-binding, and final. If you have any changes to make after it’s been made official, they will also ensure that the changes will be accepted by the courts. The documents that they can assist with include last will and testaments, estate documents, taxation, and others. Estate planning can ensure that a living will is prepared and power of attorney is bestowed to the person of your choosing so you know who can speak in your place when you cannot anymore.
Planning for medical situations:
There are specific areas of law that deal with preparing you for a time when you cannot care for yourself or make decisions of sound mind. There are planning options available should you ever develop dementia, stating who has power of attorney, special considerations, application for Medicaid benefits, and where you would like to live. The documentation can also include DNR orders (do not resuscitate) along with burial plans, insurance benefits, and other wishes you may have.
Asset Protection:
Litigation specialists can assist you in protecting your assets. A litigation attorney can fight to protect your home against foreclosure if you’ve been struggling with payments. They can also assist in preventing harassment from debt collection agencies sent for medical or credit card bills. They can also make sure you won’t be harassed by relatives who are seeking easy money from you.
Elder law attorneys offer a wide range of services for seniors. An elder law attorney can defend the claims of your legitimate heirs once you’ve passed but also assist in enforcing your rights while you are still alive. They ensure that your wishes are honored while you are still of sound mind to dictate them. Consult an elder law attorney for your legal needs.

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