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estate planning and probate law

Local Probate and Estate Administration Attorney:

Probate & Estate administration are part of the legal maze required to obtain the assets of someone who passed away. From the court room, to the collection of assets to the distribution The Law Offices Of Roman Aminov can help you every step of the way.

Estate Administration: In the event no will was left behind by the deceased, one must petition for estate administration in Surrogate’s Court. This task can be extremely difficult  without legal representation and we surely recommend hiring legal help.

Probate: In the event a will was left behind it will also need to be present to the local Surrogate’s Court. An estate attorney will be able to assist the executor of the will by filing a petition for them in court and embarking on the probate process.

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Estate Planning Legal Services

It is important for everyone to be responsible and make sure that their assets get distributed properly after death. Failing to plan an estate properly can cause a lot of unnecessary turmoil for a family. It is also crucial to understand how your estate will be taxed and what kind of fees are associated with asset distribution. There are many perplex issues that come into play in your estate plan which will involve your health, children and burial plans. To get a full understanding of what is involved in planning an estate in NY one should speak to an attorney as soon as possible.

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Hollis Real Estate Attorney Services

If you are looking to close on a property in Hollis you have came to the right place. Our real estate attorneys have the skill and patients necessary to take you from signing to closing while covering all your legal bases. Call today for help buying or selling any commercial or residential properties in the area. The housing market in Hollis is on the rise and we are excited to be part of it.

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