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Estate Planning Law: It’s Your Future

The future of your family is in your hands. Planning you estate today will make all the difference in the world for your family tomorrow. Writing a will is not something anyone should take for granted. The turmoil you can cause your family if you pass away without a will is devastating. Your assets will not be distributed the way you want them to unless the law is backing you up. The Law Office Of Roman Aminov invites residents living in Middle Village to plan their estate. Call us today and schedule your consultation just a close ride away from the 11379 area.

Probate Law: What Is Involved After Death

When someone passes away a process called probate begins in which the funds of the deceased can be legally claimed. This process is tedious and time consuming and generally requires the help of a legal professional. if for whatever reason the deceased did not leave a will or any sort of legal instructions behind a process called Estate Administration will begin. This is a very difficult course that certainly requires a lot of help. Even if the deceased left a will behind this claiming the funds still requires a lot of work and we recommend that you call an attorney. Don’t let the law mix you up and risk your money going to the wrong place, set up a consultation with our Probate lawyer in the Middle Village area today.

The Golden Years: Elder Law To Medicaid

Did you ever think about how you will pay for your medical needs when you get older? Long term health care is an issue everyone needs to think about. The Law Offices Of Roman Aminov will help you plan the latter years of your life the right way. We will work with you to insure that your assets are secure and that your medical needs will be payed for. We will help make sure your will fits your needs and that you have a trust that you can count on to make decisions. If you cannot afford private healthcare and have special needs we will help you with out with our medicaid planning services. In the even your medical bills are being covered by Uncle Same we will make sure that your assets are protected from government seizures. Call our elder lawyer today and set up a free consultation in the 11379 area.

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