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Custom Estate Planning Law Solutions For Ozone Park

When planning an estate the needs of one person are very different then the next. We understand that Ozone Park has a very diversified population and that is why are we customize estate plans down to every detail. Writing a will and placing your assets in good hands is very vital to your future. When a person passes away their family endures a lot of hardship. Having all your possessions divided easily and according to the law will make everyone lives a lot easier. If you want to write a will and need direction you can call our office today and set up a no commitment South Ozone Park area estate law consultation. We are a close car or subway ride from the 11420 area.

Probate: The Legal Document Needed To Claim Assets

Probate is a legal term for the initial phases after a loved one who left a will behind passes away. In order to administer the estate of the deceased all claims need to be resolved and the will can be implemented. In a case where a person did not leave a will it is up to the local government to decide how to distribute the assets. Either process can be very difficult and time consuming and one will usually need legal representation. If you need to speak with an Ozone Park probate lawyer you can call us today and set up a consultation. The Law Offices Of Roman Aminov is here to help.

Elder Law: From Medicaid, Trusts To Special Needs

When a person approaches their golden years they must protect themselves from health related issues that may arise. Elder law attorneys can help you understand more about long term health care through private or state funded sources. People who cannot afford health care or nursing homes through private sources can obtain the help through medicaid and medicare. A big part of medicaid planning is understanding how your home and assets are effected when you receive help from the government. Appointing a trust that can make decisions for you when you get older is also a vital part of elder law. If you want to plan your future and be at ease call the elder law attorneys at the Law Office Of Roman Aminov today.

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